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About Us

Who we are, where we come from,
and where we're headed as a church family.

Who We Are

Here's the deal, Oak Lane is a group of people who are seeking to serve God in everything that we do. We believe that having a community of people around you is the greatest way to navigate the struggles and trials of everyday life. The church-y word for this is "Fellowship". And we want to be that Fellowship for you. More than anything we want to be a fellowship built around LOVE. Love is what defines us; Jesus said so himself, " By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35

What drives us:


Where We Come From

From a shopping mall to a gym... to our building with the big green roof to our current location! Oak Lane's story spans many years and locations.

Check out the highlights below to see our story and where we came from. 

A big vision for a small group


A bright future shines


Our family grows


Arriving home



An exciting chapter




Now, you


Where We're Headed

The future is always difficult to discern. Thankfully, we know that God is in control and that He has a fantastic plan. Ultimately, we want to be a part of His plan and would love for you to come along with us. A community built around love has the chance to make a real difference in a world that is dark and broken. Now, it's your turn, come and be a part of that community with us!

What This Means For You

What does this mean for you? First off, we want to make it clear, you're always welcome at Oak Lane. We're saving a seat just for you. Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you'll find a home as part of our Oak Lane family.


Interested? If you're ready to plan your first visit, click here. If you want to learn more about our beliefs as a church, click here. Or. if you'd simply like to get in touch with a person on our ministry team directly, click the button below.

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